Chrystal Young is the founder of Alternative Health by Chrystal, an organization focused on a non-invasive approach of assisting clients with their health concerns. As a Natural Health Practitioner, Ms. Young combines her holistic training and experiences into practice by assessing clients on numerous levels. These assessment methods include: Nutrition, diet, exercise, current symptoms, and client concerns. From these methods Ms. Young will then suggest nutritional products that are personally blended, encapsulated or made into herbal tea blends. There is no single approach; therefore Ms. Young uses various assessment tools to suggest an individualized, nutritional supplementation program.

Ms. Young began her wellness studies at William Penn, Florida Institute of Technology, and Certified Natural Health Professionals. At each phase, she has earned several scholastic honor awards and a dissertation as a Practitioner of Natural Health. Additionally, she has been trained in iridology, nutrition, body systems, Western Herbology, muscle testing, energy frequency, foot detoxing, ear candling, face, tongue and fingernail analysis.

Ms. Young’s commitment and compassionate drive for this work began after assisting her mother through various chronic ailments. It was at this critical moment that she recognized her desire to become a Natural Health Practitioner. While assisting her father with his food and clothing business, in which he catered to low-income families, Chrystal learned the meaning of true compassion. Her childhood experiences birthed her attentiveness and her passion for aiding those in need. Educating and informing the community of learning how to regain their fountain of youth is an essential core value of Alternative Health by Chrystal.

“What enlightens me is having the pleasure to educate and inform God’s people on holistic health. One essential element that I want others to know I cannot be more concerned about one’s health than they are. The bible states in Hosea 4:6, My people perish from a lack of knowledge. I am here to give wellness knowledge.” 


Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) 

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